data and scripts

I coined a bunch of scripts here to fetch and organize data from different icon-packs.

I haven't create a fully-functioning API server, for developing purpose, you could directly fetch this db.json , which is json-server-compatible.

Please use a CDN (like githack) to fetch the data file.


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current available icon packs
icon pack version/tag icons formats
font-awesome 5.15.1 1459 svg font react
bootstrap-icons v1.1.0 1151 svg react
material-design-icons 4.0.0 1548 svg font react
ionicons v5.2.3 1300 svg react
octicons v11.0.0 204 svg css react 2.0.0 704 svg react
feather v4.28.0 235 svg react
carbon-icons v10.23.2 1270 svg react
typicons v2.0.9 336 svg font react
vscode-codicons 0.0.12 331 svg font react
simple-icons 3.12.2 1463 svg react

* formats detail

  • svg: raw inline svg, or svg <path> in css
  • icon: officially compacted icon fonts
  • react: officially supported/suggested react components lib, or supported by libs like react-icons